Friday, January 9, 2009

What's most important to you?

In these tough economic times, I have to ask the question, "What's most important to you?"

The obvious answer from many would be friends and family.

Others may add in comfort, sucess, overall happiness.

For me, it's all those things, plus.

Plus memories. The memories of special moments with the people I love. Memories of my kids as tiny babies. Memories of my sisters and parents. Memories of going out with my wild and carefree. I cling to all of those memories. They make my dark days bright and my times of loneliness thick with love.

If I were to make a list in order of importance it may look something like this:

What's most important to me...

glorifying God





overall happiness

comfort for my family/friends

sucess for those around me

bridging the gap between experiences and memories for others

my computer/camera/cell phone

Ok, I'm not materialsitic, the last items on my list are there because they make my list come full circle. I use my computer/camera/cell phone on a daily basis to achieve all the things on my list that are most important to me.

So, what or who do you use to make your list come full circle?

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